Hey guys! Finally getting around with my comment!
This trip to Cancun was the trip of a lifetime. Sorta
felt like I won the lottery. My mom and I had an
incredible time. The resort was beautiful and the
artists were amazing. Met some wonderful folks and
felt like I had known them all my life. Thanks for the
awesome trip Nancy and the crew at Travelin' Inc.
Can't wait for the next one!!!!
Later gaters, Angie in WY
I just wanted to say thank you SO much for putting everything
together for a wonderful trip!  Everything about the trip was
great - the resort, weather, food, etc.  We had a total blast!!!  
Everyone was super nice and even though we haven't gone in
the past, we still felt like a part of the 'family'.  I hope we'll be
able to make it again next year.  Anyway, I just wanted to let
you know how wonderful everything was.  It seemed like
everyone had a blast ... I know we did!
Take care,
Lori & Michael Carr, Dallas, Texas
I feel like part of the family ever since you guys adopted me
last year.  You are very special to me.  This hotel was very
different than last year but I am glad it was.  So instead of
comparing last years to this years I took the effort to enjoy
this one for all the special things it had to offer.  The pool was
fabulous. But, I loved the beach and my favorite restaurant
was the Mexican one by the Zen Bar.  And of course the music
was awesome, you never go wrong here.  The hotel was
curtious and you had all the details taken care of for us so all
we had to do was play.  It was a GREAT vacation.I can't wait
to see what you do next.
Hugs, Dancy (Nancy Huddleston) Florida
We just wanted to drop ya'll a note to tell you how
very much we enjoyed the time that we sent with all
of you.  The resort could have not been any nicer
or the people any friendlier.  We are all looking
forward to seeing everybody next year.
thank you
what can i say. we had a ball.  the highlight of my trip was
swimming with the dolphins, finally meeting you dear
nancy and making a new friend george.
was a delight meeting marco and polo LOL michael and
brian. ask michael (marco) how that all came about.  all in
all we had a wonderful time. it all went all to fast  i'm glad i
got to spend sometime with you while you were in
washington. do you plan on coming back anytime soon
Toad Walters, Washington State
Very proud to call this group my extended family!!   
I don't know how you do it, Nancy Beach Babe -- you simply
throw the best parties -- and invite the greatest people on your
trips!  ;-)  You set the very bar high last year having the party
at a smaller resort, more intimate setting (not to mention
delicious food).........but you set that same bar even higher yet
with the most amazing group of guys you scheduled this trip,
with returning artists Wade Hayes, Jace Everett, and Trent
Willmon.  I really enjoyed the additions of Mark Wills and
especially Ray Scott (extremely nice guy with a sexy, deep
voice and sweet wife).  I hope to be a part of it all again next
year -- and you can certainly count me in if Reunion #3
includes the cream of the crop, coolest chicken-picker out
there -- none other than Wade Hayes!!  :-)
Thanks again for everything, Nancy!
Hugs, "rowdy" Dawn - Waukee, IA
Never in my wildest imagination did I think I could have as
much fun & meet as many amazing people as I did at Trent's
Hide Away Beach Party. Traveling anywhere by yourself can
be nerveracking, let alone when you're traveling to another
country, but when I landed & met up with the people in my
van, they instantly accepted me & claimed me as part of their
group. This my first relaxing vacation I took in years (not to
mention it was the first time I've turned my cell off in 4
years) & it did not disappoint. I felt like I was in a Corona
commercial from the clear ocean water to the soft sand. The
fish would swim up to you in the ocean ... how cool! I also
participated in a couple firsts - I went on my first fishing trip
& caught my first fish ever - a barracuda! My family didn't
believe me except I had pictures to prove it. I also went
snorkeling for the first time. The concerts in the evening were
wonderful, and the final accoustic show by Trent & Jace was
hilarious. Their harmonies were top notch. I know I'll be back
again & hopefully, bringing some local friends of mine. Until
then, I'll relive the memories with my new-found friends &
pictures. Thanks for an awesome experience!

Annie Merovich - Ohio

PS The tequilla shrimp were to die for!
I had a really great time in cancun, and i want to thank tou for all you did to
make it possible!!!!!  do look forward to next year, wherever it may be..met a
lot of very wonderful people and proud to be a part of " the family".  once
again, thank  you for all that you did.
                                                            linda burrowsb  - Wyoming

Thank you for all your work!!  We were first timers, but felt like old friends!!
Everyone from Storme and his crew, the awesome Musicians and their
gracious families, and the other "family" that has been there before us......
AMAZING!!  We will be back!

HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY! (:     sandy dunn - Kansas